How to heal the Inner Child

Are you experiencing that your current way of living on autopilot is shutting you down or you have the feeling that you are disconnected from your own authentic emotions and not sharing them with people around you?

This is not how we are wired as human beings. If we do not feel safe in our bodies and we cannot observe our emotions and living our lives in survival mode.

What is the inner child?

The inner child origins as a concept was first described by renowned psychologist Carl Gustav Jung after he examined his own inner child feelings and emotions. Jung believed that it was this inner part in all of us that influenced all we do and the decisions that we make in life.

Our inner child is us when we were a child that never grew up. This moment of consciousness is an opportunity to look deeper in your childhood and make a strong and profound connection with your inner child.

The inner child is part of our mind and stores all our emotional experiences from childhood. Think of it as a lens which we are viewing our current daily experiences.


Wounded parts in us?

While we are getting older these wounded parts of ourselves contribute to reactions in our relationships or the choices we make in our careers or professional world.

These are wounded parts of ourselves that are still contributing to the elements that we are consistently daily experiencing.

What is inner child trauma?

Trauma is the root of all mental health issues and trauma is not coming back as a feeling, it comes back as a reaction.

Inner child trauma will keep us stuck and RTT hypnosis therapy is a way to break away from early childhood suffering and pain.

The quality of our traumatic childhood relates to later on in life outcomes. Be compassionate with yourself and give your inner child unconditional everlasting love.