Privacy Policy

This is to inform you what data Tree Hypnosis collects from you during our collaboration, and what Tree Hypnosis does with it.

What data are kept and what are they for?

Basic information such as name and age.

Address, e-mail address, phone number – These are used to contact you about your sessions. Mainly, the method you contacted me first will be used. If you cannot be reached, the other options will be used.

Close family/medical professional details – If I was concerned that you were at risk, I may need to contact your close family or medical professional, if possible. I will let you know when/if I will do this.

Session notes – Notes will be taken of our session(s).

Will your data be shared, and if so with whom and for what purpose?

It is very unlikely that your data will be shared with third parties. Your data will not be resold or used for.
My notes may be shared if subpoenaed by the court, and if you or someone you tell about suffers or threatens to suffer harm. I may also discuss your case during counselling, but I will only use your first name.

How will your data be stored?

It is mainly stored as a digital copy, with the data with your initials transferred to a password-protected computer. Your phone number(s) may be stored in my business mobile phone with your first name and surname. Only I have access to your data.

How long will your data be kept and how will it be deleted?

I will keep your data and notes for the time required by my insurer (currently 7 years).

After this time, I will destroy any document containing your personal details and remove your phone number from my mobile phone.


I consent to my data being used as set out above